Topographic Land Surveys Leicestershire

Published Dec 26, 21
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Topographic Land Surveys Leicestershire

Topographic Land Surveys LeicestershireTopographic Land Surveys Leicestershire

27. On each metal piece, utilize a nail to draw a fairly deep line perpendicular to the centre-line, at a point 2 cm from completion without a slit or window. Make three little holes parallel to this line and between the line and the end of the piece, using a hammer and nail.

Hold them in place with a small screw in each of the holes you have actually made in the metal. Make sure that: the vertical sides of the metal pieces are at right angles to the straight edge; and the centre-lines of each end piece (marked by the slit and the wire) line up with the centre-line of the wooden strip.

You will sight through the slit at the wire. You will fix a limit along the centre-line of the wooden strip. Using the plane-table 29. You can utilize the plane-table in two various ways, depending on the kind of survey you are making: in reconnaissance surveys, to make maps and plans quickly in the field; in later surveys, to fill out details after you have determined the primary points.

Prior to you prepare study with the plane-table, you will need to: repair a piece of drawing paper on the top of the board; set the plane-table up over the station point; level the drawing board, or make it horizontal; orient the drawing board to face the line you wish to survey.

Topographic Land Surveys Leicestershire

31. When you are prepared to begin surveying with your plane-table, you will then: sight with the alidade at a point you have chosen (an insight); draw this line of sight on the drawing board with a well-sharpened pencil that has a hard lead; determine the horizontal range from the station to the point; transfer this distance to the line you have drawn, utilizing a suitable scale; if needed, transfer to another station, and take a backsight along the line you have actually drawn; repeat the above treatment for all the lines you require to study,.

What are the advantages of plane-tabling? 32. Compared with other methods of plan surveying, plane-tabling is better in some methods because: it is the only technique with which you can make a plan or map in the field; you require to find fewer points, as you draw the map while you survey; you can plot irregular lines and areas fairly easily and properly; you can work rapidly, as soon as you learn how to utilize the approach; you do not need to measure angles, so that you prevent numerous possible sources of mistake; you outline whatever in the field, and so avoid missing out on any features you need to determine; you can easily look at the location of points you have outlined.

Several drawbacks to plane-tabling are that: the plane-table and its additional devices are heavy and relatively uncomfortable to carry; discovering how to use the plane-table correctly takes a while; you can only use the method in fairly open nation, where you can see most of the points you are surveying; you can not utilize the approach in bad weather, such as heavy rains or high winds.

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You ought to look for the very best quality drawing paper possible to use with the plane-table. Because the paper will be exposed to outdoor conditions, you need to prepare it to make it more resistant to modifications in the humidity of the air. With a damp fabric, gently dampen the paper and dry it numerous times prior to you utilize it.

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